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With 12 years experience in the waxing industry, Specializing in Brazilian waxing in Osaka.

Located in the popular shopping area of Shinsaibashi, Osaka and easily accessible from Shinsaibashi subway station, only a 5 minute walk.

4-8-4 Minamisemaba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
OPEN 10:00 〜 20:00


4th floor of the apartment building

Room# 403
Please be on time to your appointment 

Waxing Price

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian ¥7,000
  Within 1 month ¥6,000
  Within 6 weeks ¥6,500

●Additional charge 1,000 yen for inner thigh.
●Without cut −500 yen
●Including tax

Discounts for purchases on repeat services within 1 month and 6 weeks are also available, so that the great results achieved from your initial visit can be maintained.

All You Can Wax

 50 min ¥20,000
   25 min ¥12,000
   15 min ¥9,000

Body Waxing

Underarm ¥3,000
Nape ¥3,000
Back ¥6,000
Lower Back ¥3,000
Butt ¥3,000
Stomach ¥4,000
Belly Button ¥1,000
Breast ¥3,000
Nipple ¥2,000
Full Leg ¥12,000
Upper Leg ¥6,000
Lower Leg ¥6,000
Shoulder ¥3,000
Full Arm ¥8,000
Upper Arm ¥4,000
Lower Arm ¥4,000
Finger ¥1,000
Toe ¥1,000

Please be aware that a reaction to the wax can sometimes occur.

Face Waxing

Eyeblows ¥3,000
Nostrils ¥2,000
Upper lip ¥1,000
Forehaed ¥2,000
Chin ¥1,000
Faceline ¥2,000
ears ¥2,000
Whole Face ¥7,000



There is an Online appointment system available also.

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